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Make Your Next Event Amazing!

Engaging Events Around
Wine Curation,
Fun & Education

Party attendees raising their wine glasses in a toast.
Jasmine Calhoun smiling and holding a wine glass.
People long for social occasions where deep interaction is easy.

I provide engaging events around wine curation, music, fun, and education.

This elevates awkward social occasions into life-long relationships. 

Let's chat. Your next get-together could be amazing!

Jasmine Calhoun

Wine curator

Get Started!

Change Your Guests Response From "I don't want to go" to "I CANNOT miss"

Fill Out An Interest Form

Let me know the dates of your event, your contact information, preferences and hopes and expectations.  Where do you want to host your event: your home? Rented space? How involved do you want me to be?

Let's Talk

I will help you understand all the possibilities for your event.  You tell me what you are hoping for and we will make a detailed plan for your flawless event. 

Enjoy Your Event!

Enjoy your totally interactive and fun event.  Minimal anxiety,  maximum relationship, and fun!
People at a party raising their wine glasses to a toast.

When people find social spaces that help them overcome their shyness, anxiety, and intimidation, they leave their isolation and loneliness.

I Understand!

I always noticed how people felt awkward at social gatherings. I too used to be intimidated at restaurants around wine pairings. At these times we:

  • Were intimidated

  • Isolated ourselves

  • Didn't interact

Even in my youth, my heart went out to the kids sitting by themselves at the lunch table. The underdog always grabbed my attention. 
​I studied and learned how to use events with wine, music, fun, and education to maximize interaction without intimidation. I became an expert at producing serene and calm environments where people interact with each other at a new level.

People began engaging me to help them with their events.  For years now I have initiated, organized, and led these events. 

​Who benefits from my services?

  • Working moms

  • Single professionals

  • Politicians

  • Small business owners

  • Nonprofits

Where do these events take place?

  • In your home

  • Rented spaces

  • Restaurants

  • Corporate spaces

  • Nonprofit spaces

With my help, your next event will be the talk of the town! 

Let's talk.

Jasmine Calhoun smiline and holding a wine glass with red wine.

Insecure around Wine?

I LOVE to dispel myths and educate people about wine. People tell me my events centered around wine are fun, educational, and liberating. 

You may have been to a party where someone acted like a wine expert and made fun of the cheap wine. They talked down to everyone and made them join in a one-sided argument. 

One event with me and you will leave your insecurity around wine forever!

Wine snobbery happens when someone acts like they know a lot about wine and looks down on others who don't know as much. They might be picky about the types of wine they like and insist that their preferences are the only "right" ones.

Never again feel anxious about choosing a wine for your favorite dish. 

Dispell myths about wine

  • Hard to understand

  • Only for the "upper crust"

  • Too fancy

  • Too complex

Overcome insecurity around/about wine

  • Wine pairing

    • What goes with what

  • Wine etiquette

  • Wine tasting

    • The differences


My events are like the "wine school" you always wanted to attend. Feel confident around wine snoots

  • No more intimidation

  • Make wine relevant to your life

Can You buy great wine at your grocery store? 

Many people are intimidated and insecure about buying their wine at the grocery store. 


Yes, you can buy great wines at your grocery store.

What do you need to know?

Does it have to be expensive?

Does being expensive mean they are better?

To help you be confident in buying your next wine at the grocery store, I have created a resource. And IT'S FREE! My gift to you. 

No more anxiety and intimidation! Click below to get my most popular download today.

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